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Business update

19th March 2020

Coronavirus (COVID 19)

Dear all

In light of the current global Coronavirus (COVID 19) outbreak we are providing the following information for the benefit and reassurance of partners and their end-user customers.

The health and safety of our customers and colleagues remains our number one priority, however, as a supplier of business critical security equipment and systems to a significant number public services and commercial businesses – including multiple NHS trusts and many Bluelight services as well as care homes and other Local Government Infrastructure we take business continuity equally seriously.

Therefore, in parallel with our direct efforts to ensure the health and safety of the people we come into direct contact with we want to share the following information.

First of all, we would like to inform you that we are still open for business and (at this time) ACS is operating as close to Business As Usual as government guidelines allow.

We are, however, maintaining a dynamic approach to an equally dynamic challenge – which is why, we have been monitoring WHO and government advice since the beginning of the outbreak.

Our number-1 priority for business continuity is the provision of tech support for our System Integrator partners.

We already have robust procedures in place to ensure that we can maintain our provision of third line support for our dealers and their end-users (these have been tried and tested during previous inclement weather episodes).

In the event that we needed to close the office – this team can be mobilised to work from home.

Dependencies outside our control: Phone communications/internet/email

Our Brexit strategy ensured that we have ample stocks of our xPLAN equipment, & we currently have reasonable stocks of our regular ‘run rate’ cards & readers.

Dependencies outside our control: Phone communications/internet/email/prohibition on travel/courier services/suppliers (for non-PLAN product which is not in stock)

Immediate impact
One change we have decided to make immediately, is to severely limit the number of external visitors we receive at the office. As a manufacturer – this will have negligible impact on dealers and their clients. The open training session this Monday was postponed – and we are not making new appointments at the moment.

Planned meetings have been switched to on-line where possible and we are only fulfilling prior arrangements where we can carry out the meeting handshake-free and in-line with government recommended social distancing measures applied.

Current situation
At the moment – with the exception of the changes outlined above – we are pleased to say we are operating on a business as usual footing – orders being placed with key suppliers seem to be being processed as normal at the moment.

Long term

We don’t currently expect the government to close down business such as ours – but if we did need to close the office to staff – there would be some impact on our ability to supply goods.

However, with the recent shut downs in China, we do anticipate a knock on impact in the wider electronics manufacturing industry at some point (although this may be offset by reduced demand).

Dynamic situation
We are monitoring government advice – and this page will be updated as and when there is a significant change.

On behalf of the whole team here, I would like to thank you for your patience and support at this time and wish good health to all our customers and their families.

Ray Phillips
Managing Director