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Product data sheets

PLAN System introduction

  • Download
  • PLAN System intro covering the general scope and scale of the system.

Virtual Control Room Sofwtare

  • Download
  • Graphical mapping alarm display and integration solution.

CCTV integration

  • Download
  • CCTV 'real time' cause and effect and post event integration possibilities

Visitor Management

  • Download
  • Visitor managment tool with web based pre-registration, visitor self service kiosk option and  automated phone (or email) based host notification.

Email Authorisation

  • Download
  • Audit compliance tool for managing access control in a regulated business.

Lone Workers

  • Download
  • Automated lone worker supervison tool -allows staff to automatically be designated as a lone worker when they enter a specifed area t

Guard Tour supervison

  • Download
  • Montitor multiple custom tours from a single location... features duress alert and suspend options via the card reader.

Mobile muster station

  • Download
  • Tablet PC based roll-call mustering system
    with built in card readers

Asset tracking

  • Download
  • Long Range RFID loss prevention/tagging system with real-time owner to asset matching

SOAA compatible Locksets

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  • A single point of provisioning for online and offline locking devcies using SOAA compatible locks.